My Anxiety and ED Apps

Hey there it’s Casy 🙂 So today I’m going to blogging about my fave Anxiety and ED recovery apps. These apps are so helpful. Being a sixteen year old girl my phone is always with me, and that means no matter where I’m am, I’ve always got something to encourage me to eat or help calm my anxiety. All of these apps are completely free ~ They are absolutely amazing and play such a huge part in my recovery. They are so good when your out and about to just flick through and completley calm me.

RR ~ This app is absolutely life changing when recovering from your ED, and of your trying to gain weight again. It basically lets u track your meals and what I’ve been eating. It also allows u to put in mealtimes so it’s able to remind u when your should be eating throughout your day. It lets u track how your feeling when eating and it helps to notice a pattern of when your eating was a lot simpler, which helps massively. One of my fave things about this app is how after logging each meal it pops up with a positive message that always makes me smile. One had a tiny hedgehog on and it’s just adorable ! 

Vent ~ If your struggling with any mental disorder this app is incredible. It’s a bit like Twitter with its layout, and your bassically Venting ~ your able to just type out whatever’s going on. It’s all completley anonymous but it’s really nice to just get your feelings out, without being scared of being judged by anyone. It also allows u to chat to others who are struggling. Personally, this isn’t what I’m usually heading towards beside I’m more likely to be on Twitter ~ I’ve got so many loving and supportive people on there ~ but it’s still great to have because everything is so raw and not filtered.

Colorfy ~ This is such a popular app but it definitely needs a mention here. Coloring is such a relaxing and thereputaic anxiety buster, but when you’re waiting for a train or out and about, it’s no simple to whack out a coloring book and pens without getting a few weird looks ~ and a sore back from carrying it around all day ~ so this app is effectively a coloring book in your phone. It has some amazing patterns to color but my personal fave part about this app is that your able to take a photo of anything and it will transform it into a coloring version ! It’s so cool and it can look extraordinary .

Stigma ~ This app is amazing for anybody suffering with a Mental Disorder. It is basically a journal where u can jot down your emotions, anxieties, triggers and basically your day. It also has an amazing PenPal feature where it basically sets u up with a ‘PenPal’ with similar issues and disorders to u. Your then able to exchange supportive and reassuring messages. It helps, to know there is somebody there to completley confide in. And yes, it is totally safe. There’s also a kind of community, a little like Twitter, where people just post about how their feeling and it’s nice to know your not alone.

Headspace ~ This app is not my personal fave but there are so many people who swear by it and it’s so effective when your really struggling with anxiety. It is basically guided relaxation, and it has lots of additional features like setting gentle reminders to for mindfulness, and allowing u to adjust your relaxation for how your feeling or what your anxiety is based around.


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  1. Wow I’m gonna try some of these apps! Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

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    1. casyyy says:

      Thank u so much ! That means a lot 🙂 I’m really glad hope they help 💛

      Liked by 1 person

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