My Recovery Meal Plan 

Hey guys it’s Casy 🙂 So today I’m going to be talking about what my Recovery meal plan looks like, and I’m really hoping this is helpful for anybody struggling with similar issues. A few people asked if I’d be able to blog something like this so hear it is 🙂

Breakfast : 

Oatmeal with Almond Milk (Sometimes walnuts) And a glass of juice or smoothie

Smoothie bowl with Bannanas, Chia seeds and a glass of water 

Sometimes it’s a bit different maybe cereal if I’m in a rush but mostly those two. They really fill me up and get my day off to a good start.

Snack : 

I’m not great at snacks to be honest but it’s on my meal plan so yeah 😂 Most days it’s something like a biscuit, or a piece of fruit but I’m never usually super hungry 

Lunch :

Sometimes it’s soup, but my therapist said that it’s not actually that great at nourishing your body, so sometimes I’ll have an avacado and chicken tortilla wrap , which is surprisingly filling and usually keeps me going unfold my next snack .

Snack : So for some reason I’m so hungry by this snack, like no matter what 😂 Usually I’m having my lunch quite early so that probably explains it a bit. Lately I’ve been loving popcorn, but it’s not that filling, and also doesn’t have many calories so I’ve been told to have something else with it. Usually I’ll have that with a Nakd bar or something. They are so delicious but not full of sugar.

Dinner : This meal differs more than any of those other ones ~ A lot of times if I’m feeling lazy it’s just Pasta or Spaghetti with cheese ~ which isn’t great as it’s not got much calories. Some days when I’m feeling like needing more calories I’ll treat myself to chips or something.

Evening Snack : This differs a lot. Sometimes if I’m in a great mood and Recoverys going really it’s something super calorie loaded like a cupcake, other times it’s a Vegan treat ~ Cos I’ve got to keep my sugar up 🙂

And that’s it 🙂 That’s my meal plan for recovery ~ I’m hoping this helps people to see a good amount to be eating . 



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