What to say and what NOT to say to somebody with an Eating Disorder

Hey guys it’s Casy 🙂 So today I’m going to be chatting about things people constantly say to somebody who is suffering with an ED that are just stupid and triggering. Is difficult because there is a sort of misinterpretation about any kind of eating disorder and that is that tghe person doesn’t believe they are pretty or skinny enough l. So this is true to an extent but simple saying to somebody ‘You’re skinny and need to eat something’ doesn’t help. It is a disorder which means that their head is not well basically. Hopefully this blog helps if a family member or friend is suffering, because it can sometimes feel like walking on eggshells when talking to somebody with an ED. 

  1. You’re not Fat! This is difficult. Most Ed sufferers will immediately interprate that as ‘But you’re not thin either’ just because youu haven’t said it. ED sufferers rarely want to be a ‘healthy’ weight. They want to look skinny. 
  2.  Eat something, your deserve it! Yes this can be like something that yoou feel like will help loads. Sometimes it does. But other times it can just be like talking to a post. These kind of comments just go over ED sufferers heads. Their disorder will just tell them that exact opposite of what youu have said. And they will listen to their disorder.
  3. Maybe try eating healthily? This will drive anybody with an ED insane. They will also probably laugh. Because they have probably tried, and kind of wished they could just eat healthily and sustain a good weight but their disorder causes  that to be impossible.
  4. This is ruining your life They can probably see that quite clearly. But they’re probably feeling powerless to stop it. 
  5. Food isn’t going to cause weight can and make youu fat This is true. They are probably underweight and realistically food will just gradually bring them back to a healthy weight. But they will just see this as lies. They probably trust their ED because they have been obeying to it for so long.

So simply blogging what to avoid saying is pretty pointless. So here are what in my experience was helpful things that friends and family would say.

  1. Im here whenever ok? This means so much to somebody who has been struggling alone for so long. To know that a friend will always be there to answer a text can change a lot.
  2. Youu don’t have to believe me but your stunning inside and out Hearing something like this is a wonderful thing to somebody with an ED. It helps because it doesn’t seem like somebody is saying a compliment to encourage youu to eat. Instead they are just saying it because to them it’s true.
  3. We have to think of ways that Eating can be simpler for youu This was a massive part of my recovery. Finding ways round that disordered voice. It also creates situations where somebody suffering isn’t able to skip meals. It means to somebody with an ED that there is hope and that it will get simpler and not as scary.
  4. This won’t last forever Again like last time. Simple things help a lot. Saying things that give them hope and a reason to keep going for recovery.
  5. This isn’t a diet ~ Your ill This can snap somebody out of that disordered thinking. Simply saying that they are not well can help a lot. To them it will still seem like a diet. 

So that’s all for today! Really hope this helps. Talking to somebody with an ED can seem really scary and it’s terrifying to think of triggering them. But with time it will be fine 🙂



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  1. My best friend has an eating disorder and this is such a wonderful post. I wish I would’ve seen it beforen

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    1. casyyy says:

      I’m so glad u think it’s good ! Hopefully this helps 🙂

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      1. I think it will definitely help people

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