Recovery Chat ~ QandA

Hey guys it’s Casy! So today I’m back with another blog and this is going to be a really relaxed and casual recovery chat. Today I’d felt like having a chat, so please let me know anything at all in tghe comments! Ok so I’d asked a few people on Twitter for some questions, Recovery related or not, and I’ve got quite a few to chat about! So thank u for sending me your questions 🙂 I’m not going to be including people’s twitter handles purely for privacy reason as ED twitter accounts are so personal to some people. Hopefully it is still ok!

#1 How did yoou start recovery? This is a tough question and I’m remember when it was me who was still really struggling this was something that I’d felt like desperately needed an answer to. For me it took nurses taking blood and a diagnosis to kind of bring me back to reality a bit. My best piece of advice if your worried about starting recovery and are questioning if youu even actually have a disorder would be to book an appointment with a nurse or something similar. It can help. But for me, Recovery started when I’m realised that it was an illness and not a diet. That it was a disorder, and it was preventing me from seeing how thin and ill it was making me. It is almost like a leap of faith. Youu have to stop listening to that voice and listen to what professionals are saying. My best piece of advice that was ever given was ‘Listen to your eating disorder. Then do that exact opposite’.

#2 Best advice on preventing relapse? Im really glad somebody asked this because relapse is quite common especially with EDs. Seeing that number on a scale go up can make anybody feel crappy, and it’s difficult to realise that it needs to go up sometimes. Eating more can sometimes make youu feel gross, because your full a lot quicker than u used to be. My best advice is to realise that u have to through that phase as difficult as it may be or that’s how your going to remain for a long time. One day your going to have to fight through that bit so why not now? 

#3 What’s your fave food atm? This is such a good question! It definitley varies. I’m at an amazing stage in my Recovery where I’m gradually being able to eat foods that I’ve deprived myself of for a long time. I’m currently obsessed with milkshakes. They are so simple to make, and can be healthy to super indulgent! Sweet potato fries are also super yummy, and any kind of chickeny pasta especially at this time of year!

#4 What is something u hate people asking? This is tricky. For me a lot of people who don’t know about my ED often ask why I’m so thin and if I’m on a diet. This can be kind of upsetting sometimes, and often quite triggering. It’s never asked out of spite and nobody ever means to be hurtful but it is definitely something I’m always hope people didn’t ask.

#5 What’s your fave dessert? Desserts are now such an amazing thing for me! I’m kind of getting a sweet tooth back especially as my body hasn’t had sugar for such a longgggg time. For me cupcakes have always been an obsession, and being able to eat them without feeling guilty is so cool! Also any kind of crumble especially now it’s Winter!

#6 Best compliment you’ve ever received? This really got me thinking! I’m that kind of person who immediately brushes off compliments. Somebody once told me Im reminded them off Kendall Jenner. That was a pretty good one!

Ok so that’s all for my little chat. I’m didn’t want to make this post super long and rambly! Hopefully it was still ok! Let me know your thoughts in thee comments or on Twitter! Also if u have got this far tweet me a ‘💚’ on twitter 🙂



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