New Years Resolutions (and how to actually keep them)

Hey guys it’s Casy!

So today I’m going to be chatting about my New Year Resolutions. So, no, 2016 is not quite over, but I feel like most of the time I decide on my Resolutions at 11:58pm on 31st of December, which is not ideal. I find that I’m usually scrambling for ideas and tend to steal mine from others. We’re all guilty of this aren’t we? Overhearing Sally from the gym telling everybody she’s going to run more for charity and you nod in agreement and say what a marvellous idea it is. Before I know it, I’m committing to working out five times a day, signing up to yoga classes, handing out sponsor forms for my London Marathon, skydiving weekly for charity and ‘drinking more herbal stuff’. 

Truth is, nobody keeps their New Years Resolutions. We all in visage this ‘New Me’ who never quite makes it past January sixth. No matter what your resolution is, keeping it up is a lot more complex than it first seems.

This year though, I’m going to try and stick to them (I’m having Dejavu from last year). So I’ve decided to work on my resolutions and try and find ways to remind myself of them. I’ve honestly never stuck to one resolution in my life, and every year I promise that I’m not going to give up after a few days. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that January Casy is slightly more committed.

My New Year Resolutions:

  • Drink More Water – Is it just me who honestly doesn’t like the taste of water?? It tastes like, well, nothing. I find Im never craving water when I’m thirsty, more flavoured water (at least it’s not Fanta). I know that water is brilliant though – it flushes out toxins and keeps cells hydrated. I’m thinking of buying a few nice water bottles (I promise I’m not 5) and filling them with fruit,so that I’m more likely to keep hydrated. Does anybody have any genius ideas for drinking more water? Please let me know if you do I’d be really grateful!
  • Exercise More – Having been recovering from an Eating Disorder exercise wasn’t really ‘allowed’. Now that I’m all on my way to a full recovery, I really want to get a bit fitter and stronger. Not to lose weight but to be healthy. 
  • Be Myself – This sounds like we’re going to get all deep and inspiring, but really, I feel like slot of the time I’m trying to be a person I’m just not .Society tells us what to be and we listen, but I’m kind of done with that. Like what’s the point spending your entire life walking around in Adidas if you actually hate it? This is a resolution I really want to keep.
  • Help People Less Fortunate Than Myself – This is a resolution that I desperately want to keep. Recovering from mental disorders can often put you in a, well the only way I can think of putting it is in a sort of ‘selfish state of mind’. Suffering with a mental disorder is hell, but reminding yourself that there are people struggling with much worse, can be a brilliant sort of mood booster. Even if they’re simple things like giving a homeless person a hot drink or buying them a pair of gloves, these things can have a huge impact on that persons life. 
  • Compliment People Every Single Day – This ones a bit random, but with social anxiety, speaking to strangers can be intimidating. To kind of get past this, I’m going to try and compliment people every day. Not only will this help with getting over my social anxiety, it will also be an incredible confidence boost (hopefully) to whoever receives it.

So those are my Resolutions. They’re not super difficult, and aren’t going to take a ton of my time, but that kinda makes me more likely to actually do them. But I’m still convinced I’m not going to keep them up. So I’ve got a few ways to hopefully keep them up – I really hope these help anybody in a similar situation which I’m sure we can all relate to! 

Keeping New Year Resolutions 

  • Write them out and put them up in a place you’ll always see them – For me, this is going to be my fridge. It takes a few minutes to just jot them down and hopefully this will help. If in doubt of places to put your Resolutions, the toilet is a good place. Sounds mad but think about it 😂
  • Set a Reminder –  Say you want to start working out once a day, setting a reminder is super useful. Choose a time that your usually free and set an alarm. That way, you don’t have that classic excuse of forgetting. 
  • Keep Resolutions with a Friend – Instead of trying to turn your life around by yourself, trying it with your friend can really help. It keeps up motivation, especially if you have a competitive streak. It also makes it seem a lot more appealing instead of a dreaded task.
  • Remember : It takes 60 days to form a habit – Doing a few push-ups for a week doesn’t mean your going to be known for it. It psychologically takes at least a month to start to form a habit. Keep going well into February and you will see results in no time.
  • Think of the End Result – When feeling unmotivated, thinking of what your hoping to achieve can be a brilliant tool. Thinking of all the positives will usually outweigh the negatives.

So New Year New Me.. Hopefully. Who knows? I’ll keep you guys updated with how my Resolutions go! I’ve still got a week or so left to be lazy and not feel guilty. Let me know what your Resolutions are in the comments! 

Casy x


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