Week in My Life.

Hey guys – So I’ve decided to post this sort of ‘Week In My Life’ post. This past week has been a really busy one – so I’m going to post about my past week and hopefully it is a good read!

Sunday: Super lovely Sunday, nice long walk and fresh air followed by a cosy afternoon

Monday: So Mondays are a lesson day, but obviously it’s not super long. I’m thinking of doing a school day in my life so I’m not going into tons of details of my atual tutoring but after that I just wondered round town and then missed my bus which was great – but I survived! It was quite a chilled day and my Mondays are usually pretty similar so 😂
Tuesday: So this particular Tuesday I met up with one of my internet friends and it was such a good day! I so regret not taking any photos there because the cafe was honestly the cutest place on earth but we just had coffee and these delicious scones – they were sweet but had like a sugary crust on top which was delicious! After that (which went so quickly!) I headed back home and had a half hour change over time to quickly curl my hair and Top my make-up up before heading to get some photos taken – I actually got ‘scouted’ at a wedding by a photographer which was so exciting and unexcpected, so this was the particular day I had then taken. I don’t think I’ve received the final prints but I will probably post them on my twitter when I do! It was such a cool experience and it was a real confidence boost. It was actually really professional which I didn’t expect but it wasn’t nerve-racking at all really. I was a bit self conscious to begin with but it didn’t last long! I got to wear different outfits and accessories and I felt like Kendall Jenner 😂

Wednesday: I had my therapy this particular day and I’d had a really successful previous week which is really nice to discuss. I also think I’m persuading my psychologist to start watching Gilmore Girls! I also had science tutoring which is just like merp but I have to so!

Thursday: This particular day I actually went and looked round a school – obviously I am going to start a school transition kinda soon so I’m starting to look round options and this particular school had a really lovely atmosphere and was quite small and friendly! I also ate totally vegan this particular day because I’m planning to go vegan during Lent, and see how it goes and if it is a good or rubbish thing for my recovery (My Mum says I will have to weigh myself every day and be honest about weight loss aha). I really liked creating recipes from scratch and it was really delicious! I also volunteer on particular days and weeks so I was volunteering at a Youth Club and its always such a good distraction from all that crap in my head!

Friday: Tutoring is on Fridays aswell but it’s fine because it’s nearly the weekend! I put together a cute little outfit (does that sound arrogant? – I’m sorry if it does!) and went to a little cafe and it was absolutely gorgeous! I did a bit of work and spent a bit of my afternoon there and it was lovely! I had a lovely evening with my sister too!

Saturday: This started with me boiling potatoes and then realising I had an opticians appointment in 5 minutes – I got there a bit late but I managed to go into that tiny little enclosed space where you get your eyes tested which is usually extremely anxiety provoking for me but it went really well! Honestly I’ve not done a lot today so ..!


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  1. Safa Loves says:

    Cute post! Love the pictures x


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  2. Ahhh your week is so busy!!!

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