A Really Special Giveaway.


Ok, so I know that I said there would be another ‘What I Eat In A Day’ Blog up today, but, truth be known, there is that exact post ready to be published, but I am honestly the most impatient person alive, and when I get an idea for an exciting blog or anything really, I practically burst if I’m not able to share it. I’ve had this particular idea for quite a while, but sort of let it sit in the back seat for a while, but the other day I was thinking about how grateful I am that anybody even reads my blog, because honest,y, it is so special to me, and it allows me space where I can talk about how bad my days been, or talk about my new meal plan, and honestly this blog has had a huge impact on my life, which I really didn’t think it would. I started this blog with the sole purpose of helping others, but it has done both, which is even better. I’ve wanted to host a giveaway on here for a long time, but haven’t ever really known what to do, in order for it to be really special and unique. Sure, there are tons of makeup and beauty giveaways, which have some really beautiful and expensive items, but I didn’t want to sort of morph into every other blogger in the world. I had this idea in a sort of cliche light-bulb moment, and from that moment I’ve been itching to write this post,
The Giveaway: Basically, I want to send whoever wins this a sort of ‘care package’. Like I said, the sole purpose of this blog was to help others, and I wanted the giveaway item to be something that really reflected on that. I have already collected quite a few items, ranging from fluffy socks to a cute mug (that I will probably wrap in about 50 layers of bubble wrap!) but I haven’t been able to include all the items I’ll be giving away, because some actually haven’t been bought yet! That is basically because I want the gift to be personal and unique to the winner, so if you win, I will contact you to sort of get to know your personal style, likes and dislikes, anything really! You can basically just tell me things you would love to receive and then I’ll be able to go out and finish off the package with a personal touch! It can be anything from a makeup brush you’ve been after to dress you’ve had saved in your wish list for a year! Whatever it is I will try my best to get it for you! 

The rules: Obviously, Id love to be able to send a gift out to everybody reading, but as that isnt quite possible, there are a few rules that you will have to follow in order to be entered in this giveaway. I’ve tried to make them as simple as possible:

  1. You will need to be following my blog: You can either follow with your WordPress account (or create one), or alternatively you can follow with your email, so you will receive an email every time I post a blog! Both are simple and take absoloutely no time!
  2. You will need to like this and one other post: Be sure to hit the like button on this post and one other from my blog – the more you like the better your chance of winning!
  3. Tell me below this post if my blog has ever helped you and how! : Again following the theme of the whole reason this blog even exists!

Additional entry requirements: If you also do any of these your name will be added into the draw (I will be using a random name generator online) an additional 4 times.

  1. Follow my twitter: @recovering_ed
  2. Post to any social media with the hashtag #CasysGiveaway

That’s literally it! The giveaway will be going on for about two weeks (I’d hurry because I get impatient so it might end sooner than that!) and I will notify the winner via twitter or email! 

Best of luck to everybody, and as always stay safe and strong,



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  1. You have an excellent blog that is really helpful and informative. I am sure that you are providing guidance and great tips to many people with eating disorders. I may not have one myself, but I do struggle with other mental illness and I greatly empathize. (Still, your food choices do inspire me to eat healthier because it all looks delicious!)
    I think you are doing a great thing by sharing your experiences to validate and help others. Keep on posting!

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  2. Michelle says:

    I stumbled upon your blog when you posted your links on Twitter and I love it so much! Your honesty about the difficulties of living with an eating disorder and choosing recovery is so refreshing and informative. You help me to feel less crazy and alone when you write about things that I have been feeling too. All of your posts are so unique, and I especially enjoy reading the posts about what you do/where you go/what you eat throughout the day. I also love the pictures you choose at the top to accompany the blog posts, they are so aesthetically pleasing!! Hehe love ya girl and stay strong! Thank you for always thinking about your readers and being so thoughtful, you truly have a beautiful heart. Keep up the amazing work!! ❤


  3. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    I just barely found your blog through Catalysts for Change, but I’m already enjoying it. Your post about meal planning was especially helpful for me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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