What people with eating disorders want to tell you.


1. Please don’t talk about your diets in front of me. It’s incredibly triggering, and you are so beautiful as you are, I don’t want you to deny food you crave. I know where obsession leads.

2. Please don’t talk about what I am and am not eating. I know you might be pleased, but if you mention it I feel like a failure to my eating disorder.

3. Please don’t beg with me. It makes it worse. I’m sorry, I really am, but there are days when there’s nothing I can do.

4. Don’t be upset if I don’t talk to you for ages or act withdrawn. I have a mind that goes to horrible places.

5. I don’t think I deserve to look like you – it’s not that I think you’re fat. You’re beautiful and healthy and I don’t think I deserve that.

6. I’m sorry if I never go to restaurants with you, the dishes are always higher in calories.

7. I can’t just eat. I’m sorry but I can’t.

8. Often I just need to be with a person. We don’t have to have a conversation. It really can help.

9. I wish we could order dominoes too. You can. Maybe one day I will too.

10. I don’t enjoy not eating. I would love to eat big meals like you, and be healthy, but the reality is not as simple as that.

11. I might be having a bad day, and I might act differently. I can go from one extreme to the other. One minute I can’t stand to be alone, the next I crave isolation. I don’t understand it either.

12. None of this is your fault, nor is it mine.

13. I’m envious of your ability to eat 3 meals a day and look so beautiful. I will never tell you, but I wish I could be like that.

14. Don’t be paranoid about talking about food around me – I have not forgot it exists, and it is what fills mi brain 24/7.

15. If you see me eat well, I haven’t suddenly recovered. It isn’t that easy, although I wish more than anything it could be.

16. Try and understand. Ask questions but not too many. I don’t hold all the answers, because I don’t know them all. Talk. Listen.

17. Please don’t try and relate to it. I am not dieting.

18. I overthink everything. A short message, a declined FaceTime. Please be aware of this.

19. I need you to help me remember who I was before this.

20. If I eat with you it is a sign of immense trust so please don’t abuse it.

21. If I am in danger tell anyone you can trust to get me help. I don’t care how much I beg you not to, this could be dangerous.

Stay safe and strong,

Casy x

Featured image does not belong to me. All Rights to original owner


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